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Are you a fan of body lotion? What about when the winter season rolls in and your skin starts to dry out? Do you realise the importance of having a body lotion? Using a lotion for the body is important as it helps you maintain the skin’s hydration levels and gives it a much-needed boost.  

In this guide, we discuss the importance of a self-care routine and the importance of body lotion, to help keep your skin supple and soft no matter the time of year.

What is body lotion?

Formulated with mostly water and a little bit of oil, body lotion acts as a moisturiser that soothes and smoothers out the skin. Made up with the most beautiful and luxurious scents, body lotions are a treat for many people as they give your skin life.

Where should I put body lotion on?

Many people think that skincare or lotions are only limited to the face and hands. However, they fail to realize that your whole body needs hydration, including your legs and feet. After you have taken a shower, take a generous amount of lotion and massage it all over your body. Want more details on body lotion application?

Top tip: Check out this guide on how to apply body lotion

What ingredients are in body lotion?

While many ingredients go into the production of a body lotion, the most common ones include water, glycerin, avocado oil, and shea butter, all of which help hydrate the skin. It also includes different fragrances which make the lotion appealing, such as lemon peel extract, coconut oil, and rosa canina fruit oil.

Best body lotions to try

From our vast range of body lotions, we have some recommendations that we would like you to try out.

Naturally European Ginger & Lime Body Lotion

One of our best-selling products, the Ginger & Lime Body Lotion, helps deeply nourish your skin and gives off an amazing fragrance. Also suitable as a vegan body lotion, it is an ideal product for after-shower use.

Naturally European Verbena Body Lotion

Looking for a lotion that is rich in shea butter and avocado oil? We present you the Verbena Body Lotion, which has been formulated as the best moisturiser. If you like powerful scents, then this is the best lotion to use before you go to bed.

Is body lotion vegan?

Looking for vegan-based body lotions? The good news, at The Somerset Toiletry Co. we have a collection of popular vegan body lotions which you can choose from. Some popular ones include Verbena Body Lotion, Lavender Body Lotion, and Rose Petal Body Lotion.

Benefits of body lotion

For better and improved skin, body lotions are the best investment that you could ever make. Mentioned below are a few benefits of body lotion which will help you realise its importance.

It keeps skin smooth and supple

Using body lotion regularly helps in nourishing and hydrating your skin. It reduces the chances of developing oiliness and dryness and helps your skin feel relaxed and in good shape.

It targets dryness

Do you have aging hands or rough and dry areas on different parts of your body? A regular luxury body lotion will help you solve all your worries. If your skin is rough due to climate applying the lotion will help moisturise the skin and keep it supple and hydrated.

It restores skin elasticity

Using a lotion helps improve skin elasticity on different parts of your body, such as your thighs, arms, and belly. If you use body lotion religiously, all your issues with your skin will be solved, and your skin will feel firmer.

It makes your skin glow

Wouldn’t you like to own a lotion that makes you feel fresh, happy, and lively? Body lotions are known to have skin brightening qualities as they help remove dull skin, dead cells and rejuvenate the underlying tissues.

It makes you smell good

The feel of a body lotion all over your body is a feeling that is relaxing and calming for you. Applying body lotion during me-time helps you take care of your body and smoothens the skin texture.

What happens if you don’t use body lotion regularly?

If you don’t use body lotion regularly, you may end up drying out your skin. It could become flaky and dry. If you don’t want your hands to age quickly and want them to stay young and smooth, then don’t forget to make body lotion a part of your self-care routine.

At the Somerset Toiletry Co., we sell luxury hand wash and body lotion to cater to all your self-care needs. We ensure that the products are suitable for everyone and test them to ensure that they don’t cause any harm. Explore our entire range of bath and body products here, or head to our blog for more tips and advice.

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