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Applying body lotion should be an essential step in your skincare routine to keep the skin young and smooth. Here are our best tips and top picks for body lotion

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When Should You Use Body Lotion?

Applying body lotion should be an essential step in everyone’s skincare routine. We often think about skincare as a treatment for our face, but our body needs just as much love. Applying body lotion is a quick and easy step to incorporate into our routine. Not only does it keep the skin smooth and hydrated, but it also helps to prevent stretch marks, signs of ageing and much more. But more importantly, applying a luxury body lotion is a fantastic way to take a moment for yourself.



Is it good to use lotion every day? 

Your body needs just as much attention as your face; therefore, body lotion should be applied daily. Of course, some days are busier than others, and a 7 step skincare regiment can sometimes be a bit much. Nevertheless, using body lotion two to three times a week will already show great results.


Why Should I use Body Lotion?

We also recommend using a non-sticky formula to make this step even more comfortable. No need to wait fifteen minutes before putting on skinny jeans with our Naturally European Ginger & Lime Body Lotion. 

When to Moisturise Your Body

Before exercise

When exercising your skin is exposed to elements such as pollution, wind, dry air etc. Applying a layer of body lotion before going jogging is a great way to protect the skin and prevent dryness. Besides, who doesn’t want to smell like white jasmine when they work out? It is also essential to apply body lotion after your post-workout shower to nourish the skin after sweat and humidity.

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After Shaving

As well as removing hair, shaving acts as an exfoliant by removing dead cells and clearing pores. The skin is free of impurities, smooth and therefore will retain more moisture from the body lotion. Besides, shaving can cause irritation and redness, which can be quickly healed with the right moisturising product.

Before and after flying 

Between the recycled air and lack of sleep, a flight puts our skin to the test. Especially if you are flying to and from a sunny location, your skin will benefit from a little extra care. Body lotion will prevent dryness but also uncomfortable tightness. This travel toiletries set from The Somerset Toiletry Company includes the most impressive and decadent body lotion to help you through any jet lag. 

When you wash your hands 

In the current Covid climate, we are washing our hands close to 10 times a day, and it is taking a toll on our skin. The soap, cold water and dry air is making our hands even more sensitive and irritated. Applying a small amount of lotion right after washing our hands helps prevent cracking and dry patches.

As part of bedtime ritual

Incorporating a luxury body lotion to your bedtime routine will make you feel extra relaxed. Applying a body cream after your night shower can also increase its effects. The heat and steam of the shower open up the pores of the skin, which help the lotion penetrate better. Besides, there’s nothing better than slipping in your bedsheets with soft skin and a hint of relaxing lavender scent. Lavender fragrance is known to help promote wellness and relaxation. You can discover our range of lavender scented toiletries here.

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What is the best lotion for dry skin? 

Dry skin needs a bit of extra care, especially during cold months. Using an oil-based body lotion is the best way to treat dry patches and tightness. Prioritise jojoba, avocado and argan oil for the best results. Consider also shea butter; it is a fantastic component of body lotions for dry skin. A thicker consistency, as opposed to a lighter one, can help the effects of the cream last all day. 

Here are our top lotion picks from The Somerset Toiletry Company for dry skin:

Naturally European Body Lotion

Naturally European Plum Violet Body Lotion is fast penetrating and deeply nourishing to give you a burst of fragrance throughout the day. Available in 7 fragrances, this body lotion is made in the UK and blended with shea butter, avocado oil and coconut oil. Add this long lasting (500ml bottle) to your beauty regime with a clear conscious as it’s cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

What is the best lotion for oily skin? 

Anyone with oily skin should stay away from oiled based products and thick consistencies which would cause more damage to the skin. Choosing light and fresh ingredients, such as aloe vera and cucumber, will help hydrate the skin without leaving an oily finish and clogging pores.

Here are our top lotion picks from The Somerset Toiletry Company for oily skin:


Aromas Artesanales de Antigua Body Cream

A lighter consistency and more affordable product (130ml tube), Aromas Artesanales de Antigua (AAA) Body Cream contains Shea Butter to moisturise and nourish your skin.

What are the best body lotions for each season? 

Spring & Summer 

This time of the year, the weather is warmer, and therefore a light body lotion is more appropriate. A lightweight formula which penetrates the skin quickly will still protect your body without feeling too heavy, especially with the humidity. Here we’d recommend lighter Aromas Artesanales de Antigua body creams.

Autumn & Winter

As opposed to spring and summer, colder weather calls for thicker body lotions since the skin needs much more hydration and protection from the cold and dry air. A good layer of creamy body lotion will help your skin through winter. You can learn more about skin and body care in the winter through this article. Naturally European body lotions would best suit colder temperatures.

Who Are the Somerset Toiletry Company? 

A proudly British brand, The Somerset Toiletry Company have been producing scented luxury toiletry gift sets for over two decades. Find out a little more about the story behind The Somerset Toiletry Company and why we love creating exquisitely made, honestly priced body care and home fragrance.

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