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What is a good self-care routine? 

Self-care is essential, and yet one of the most overlooked aspects of our life. We often get so busy with our work, deadlines, and other daily hassles that self-care takes the back seat. But, enough is enough, it’s time to take charge of your life. Start this year by adding a self-care plan to your new-year resolution list.

Remember, self-care doesn’t necessarily have to mean creating a dent in your bank account. It can be easy on the pocket. If you were to hop on the internet right now and search for self-care tips and self-care routines, you would find hundreds of articles. However, they might all say different things. The bottom line will be the same – a detailed ‘how-to’ on self-care. Although self-care can mean different things to different people, eww can all agree on the following principles. 


What should a daily self-care routine be?

Your daily self-care routine should include some time set aside for yourself. It should also focus on hygiene, skincare, and self-health, along with physical and spiritual health. The right balance of these elements might vary from others, but that’s okay as long as you have a consistent self-care routine. Could you take a few self-care tips below to incorporate into your daily routine to make you more self-care aware? 


1. Start your day with water

So simple. Yet, it has more impact than you can think. Our body tends to become slightly dehydrated after a full night’s sleep. An easy solution is to make a habit of drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning. Do this for a week and see the difference in your mood early morning.

2. Wake up your body with a cold shower

If you haven’t heard of the concept of cold showers, then it is a must to try. A cold shower will wake up your mind, body, and soul – all at once. Although, don’t go and try it in freezing temperatures. Cold water is also more suited for hair than hot water. So, not only will you be wide awake, but your hair will also be less frizzy and healthier. 

3. Interact with your inner self

Meditation and yoga are powerful ways to connect with your inner self. In today’s world, we are always on the go. Stopping every day, even for a little while, to communicate with oneself is therapeutic. 

Pro tip: Invest in a scented diffuser as a part of this self-care tip. Meditating in a room that smells exquisite will be even more beneficial. And who doesn’t love a nicely fragrant environment anyway?

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4. Take care of your physical self

Not everyone is an exercise and fitness freak, and nor does everyone have time in their busy routines to allocate an hour or so for daily exercise. However, a 30-minute break is and should be doable. If it isn’t, then you need to think if your self-care routine is en route to success or not?

If you are not too keen on exercise, then a 30-minute stroll works just fine. It will give you a much-needed break from the monotony of your daily life, and your body will thank you as well. 

5. Opt for healthy meals 

A good diet is also a crucial part of a good self-care routine. It is vital for self-health. Almost every useful care guide will shed light on the importance of healthy eating. Your self-care is incomplete without self-health. So, fuel up your body with the right food. 

A smart way to do that is doing meal prep on your weekends. It will also ensure that you don’t succumb to an unhealthy meal or grab a candy while hungry. Prepping meals and planning the menu will also de-clutter your brain and your kitchen — freedom to be free of thinking about the next meal.

6. Wind up your day with a warm bath 

Who in their right mind will say no to a hot bath after a long and tiring day? Not us. One of the best ways to end a stressful or busy day is with a long hot soak. It’s soothing for your muscles and is relaxing for the mind as well. Add calming background music, your favourite bath bomb in the bath, and you are good to go.

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7. Nighttime skincare routine 

Don’t sleep with makeup on, ever! No matter how tired you are or how hard it is, get up and remove your makeup before you sleep. Your skin will be thankful. Making nighttime skincare a part of your self-care routine will be one of your best decisions ever. Cleansing is good for the skin. It will also help if you exfoliate it with a gentle scrub regularly. This way, your skin will get rid of all the dead skin, and it will look healthier. 

When we talk about skincare, we tend to forget one main element – hands. With all the focus on the face, our hands and feet often receive the silent treatment they do not deserve. It merely means we need to step up the game and be more diligent in taking care of our hands and feet. An easy way to do that is to incorporate a hand cream and a body lotion into the night time skincare routine. It will ensure that you wake up with supple and moisturised skin that is healthy and glowing.

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8. Read before bed

It has proven itself to be one of the best ways to prepare oneself for bed. Reading before bed is also good for the mind. It helps your mind in relaxing and getting ready for sleep. You could enhance the ambience by lighting a scented candle. A scented candle and a good book are a perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep.

9. Take a good night sleep

Last but not least, invest in your sleep. Sleeping on fresh and clean sheets will enhance the sleeping experience. Also, make sure that you are dedicating enough time to sleep. After all, everyone needs their beauty sleep. 

These steps of self-care routine do not require an appointment on your calendar. Incorporate them naturally in your daily routine (without thinking of them as chores) to see the magical outcomes.

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For more skincare, bodycare and wellness tips, head to The Somerset Toiletry Company blog. For more information or questions about our products, get in touch! We’d love to chat.

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