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Buying perfume can be an overwhelming experience. From finding out which fragrance notes to pick to learn the difference between an Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum, finding a perfume that aligns with your personality takes a lot of time and energy. Here’s a detailed guide to help you find your signature scent.

What should I look for when buying perfume?

The perfume you wear tells a story about your personality. Our sense of smell is our strongest sense and has a strong effect on our emotions. The fragrance you wear is deeply interlinked to not only how people perceive you but also how they chose to remember you. This means that the perfume you choose should align with your personality and help you leave a positive lasting impression.

What types of perfume are there?

There are several different types of perfumes, all with different levels of fragrance concentration.

  • Parfum is the most concentrated variety with between 15-40% of fragrance concentration, best suited for sensitive skin.
  • Eau de Parfum is next, based on 15-20% fragrance concentration.
  • Eau de Toilette is 5-15% concentration.

As the alcohol content increases, so does the affordability of these perfumes. At the latter end is Eau de Cologne with 2-4%, and Eau Fraiche with 1-3% fragrance.

What perfume scent lasts the longest?

Whether it’s a light and floral scent or something thick and musky, it is important to find a scent that lasts all day. Long-lasting perfumes often contain musk notes like patchouli, tuberose, and sandalwood. Blackberry Musk and Fig Noir are great contenders for a musky scent that stays all day.

How to find your signature scent

Your signature scent should be you in a bottle. The perfect signature scent is the essence of your being and is as synonymous to you as your name. There are several layers to finding a signature scent:

Understand the fragrance families

Understanding different fragrance families brings you one step closer to finding your signature scent. There are several different fragrance families, all with different energies. Fresh scents, like the Exotic Pomelo, are zesty and based on citrus, green, or water notes. Floral scents, like White Flowers, are complex and based on a multitude of flowery scents that make them very popular! Oriental fragrances, such as the Tonka and Mojito perfume, are exotic and often make use of spices to add a mysterious albeit luxurious tinge to the fragrant note. Lastly, woody fragrances, like the Fig Noir perfume, are warm and friendly that are further split along mossy and dry notes.

What are the three main notes of every fragrance?

There are three main notes used to describe a fragrance. The top notes of a fragrance are what you smell as soon as you get the first whiff of perfume. The middle notes appear once the top notes start dissipating. Base notes are the strongest of the three and work with the middle notes to create a long-lasting scent.

How do you read fragrance notes?

You can differentiate different notes based on how long they last on your skin. Top notes are what you smell as soon as the perfume touches your skin. Once the initial scent fades away, the middle notes become more prominent. Base notes are the scent that lingers on your skin for the longest period and the smell you tend to associate with the perfume.

What to consider when buying a perfume

Finding a perfume that suits your personality is so much harder than it seems. From comprehending the balance of different notes to understanding how the perfume reacts to your skin, finding the perfect scent is nothing short of an exact science. Keep reading and find out all the things you need to consider before choosing a perfume.


Every perfume is a unique concoction of notes. All the notes in your signature scent should belong to the fragrance family you prefer. For instance, if you are someone who leans towards fresh and citrusy scents, the Exotic Pomelo perfume would be a perfect choice.


There is no point in finding the perfect scent if it is not long-lasting on your skin. The longevity of perfumes depends on the concentration of fragrance they contain and the fragrance family they belong to. If you want a particularly long-lasting smell, a musky smell like Fig Noir could be the one for you.

Your mood

The fragrance you wear could have a huge effect on your mood and vice versa. That is why it is always good to have different perfumes so that you can vary what you are wearing based on your mood. For an especially energetic mood, the Tonka and Mojito could be a great choice, while a dark and mysterious mood might have you lean towards Blackberry Musk.

Your skin

The chemicals within your skin react with the perfume, altering how the perfume smells on different people. This is the reason that even unisex scents smell completely different on men and women. The same unisex perfume will smell sweeter on women and woodier on men. So always try the perfume on your skin and wear it for a while before buying the whole bottle.

What do you want your scent to say about you?

Scent is an invisible yet powerful communicator. This makes a good perfume the perfect accessory that not only compliments your outfit but also helps you leave a lingering impression. To ensure that your scent strikes a chord with all those that cherish you, it is imperative to balance the tones and notes of your scent to your personality. For instance, if you want to appear young and fresh, the Freesia & Pear perfume might be the one for you. On the other hand, if you have a more feminine personality, you might lean towards the White Flowers fragrance.

Different occasions

Different occasions call for different scents. For instance, strong and musky scents like Blackberry Musk are ideal for when you are attending a fancy late-night event. On the other hand, something fresh and feminine like the White Flowers perfume or the Freesia & Pear perfume would make for amazing date night scents.

Tips for choosing a new perfume online

If you cannot make your way to a physical store, explore our perfume range online for a diverse collection of premium fragrances. When shopping online, it is always better to get a sample-sized perfume so that you can sample a fragrance before you choose to buy them. Several companies, like The Somerset Toiletry Co., offer smaller-sized rollerball perfumes that you can try out before you decide to commit to one perfume.

You can explore our entire bath and body range here, or for more tips on how to look after yourself and your skin, head to our blog.

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