What are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are a scented bath product used to help ease stress, soothe and rejuvenate the skin and relax the body and mind. Bath salts are used to replenish and detox the skin, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed.

There are different types of bath salts, that’s core ingredients are sourced from different natural minerals, including magnesium salts, Himalayan salt, and sea salt.

The natural properties of these salts are beneficial to the skin and can be enjoyed with your bath to hydrate, heal and relieve the skin.


How do Bath Salt Work? 

Bath salts are crystal-like in shape and easily dissolve in water. The crushed up minerals can easily be added to your bath to create a bathing experience to destress, unwind and rejuvenate your skin. The water-soluble minerals in the salt absorb into the skin and body via hair follicles, working on a deeply cellular level.

How do you use Bath Salts?

You can add bath salts to your bath once the water is at the right temperature and the bath has been filled. Tip a handful/ cupful of bath salts into the bath- this is all you need – and let the bath salts work their magic! They will dissolve into the water with ease. Wait until they have dissolved, and you can enjoy an aromatic, relaxing bath.

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What types of bath salts are there?

There are three main types of bath salts, that use minerals from different resources:

Dead sea salt bath salts

Dead sea salt contains far more minerals than normal salt. These minerals have natural cleansing, detoxifying and restoring properties, and help promote cell metabolism which aids the natural restoring of damaged or inflamed skin. Dead sea salt is rich in zinc and bromide, both of which have anti-inflammatory agents, which is great for itchy skin. As well as helping to soothe skin, dead sea salt improves blood circulation, which can help aid conditions such as arthritis.

Epsom Salt bath salts

Epsom salt is a manmade chemical compound containing magnesium, oxygen and sulphur. They are enjoyed in the bath and work to help relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. Epsom salt is rich in magnesium and sulphate and can be added to baths for cosmetic purposes as it dissolves in the water. Although these ingredients have naturally relaxing properties and detoxifying agents, there is no scientific evidence of this man-made salt having the same effect as natural salts.

Himalayan salt bath salts

Himalayan salt has a different mineral composition compared to dead sea salt. Nutritious and natural, it is edible and is a rock salt as opposed to salt taken from the sea. Himalayan salt is naturally rich in magnesium, aiding sleep and relaxation  and sulphate, a natural disinfectant and detoxifying agent. Himalayan salt is packed full of minerals and provides a relaxing and calming experience.

Benefits of Bath Salts

They are anti-inflammatory

The natural components of minerals in salt work to relax the skin and work to reduce swelling and inflammation. Zinc, which is a natural component in some bath salts, helps with cell immunity as well as being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Zinc has been shown to decrease oxidative dress, making it a great addition to bath salts.

They help alleviate skin conditions (eczema, acne, dry skin, roughness)

Bath salts have been used to help relieve skin conditions such as eczema and acne – dry, itchy skin can be soothed by the natural components in sea salt, and in addition, help to flush out toxins in the skin and restore its natural balance. 

They ease stress and fatigue

Baths are naturally relaxing, and you can de-stress, reset and refresh by taking a soothing, calming bath. The components of bath salts work to relax the body and mind,  as they dissolve into the water and work to restore the skin’s natural balance and remove toxins. 

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They soothe tired and aching muscles

Letting go of your troubles and soaking your skin in the hot water can rejuvenate your skin and help soothe aching and tired muscles. Magnesium and mineral-rich salts not only relax muscles but help ease nervous tension and help promote deep sleep. For those with arthritis and circulation problems, bath salts can be a brilliant way to reset and rewind.

They can alleviate headaches  

Warm baths naturally relax muscles around the head and shoulders, and the soothing aromas and scents can help naturally alleviate a migraine. Lavender, in particular, has been noted in some studies to help manage migraine headaches.

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They can exfoliate your skin 

Bath salts and minerals are natural exfoliants and can be massaged into the skin to draw out any dead cells, dirt or toxins.

What’s in bath salts?

Depending on the core ingredients of the bath salts you are using, bath salts can contain the following:   

Magnesium, Bromide, Chloride, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Iodine, Sulfur, Zinc.


Somerset Toiletry Company’s bath salts also contain sea salt as the main active ingredient, as well as additional fragrances and floral notes depending on the particular fragrance you choose. 

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A body scrub is a physical exfoliant that is usually either salt or sugar-based, used to remove dead skin cells from your skin. The abrasive ingredients (sugar, salt) are worked into the skin and work as a natural exfoliant, clearing the skin of older skin cells so your skin feels soft supple and nourished. Body scrub works by stimulating skin cell turnover for smoother, brighter skin, and can help restore’s skins natural moisture, prevent future acne breakouts, and make you feel great! 

The Somerset Toiletry Company was founded in 1999 and has been developing beautiful body care and gifts ever since. Please read our about us page to find out more, or explore all our scented toiletries, home fragrances and more on our website.

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