January is an excellent time for reflection and kick-starting new healthy habits, although many of us attempt (and fail) ‘Dry January’ each year. Still, there are other ways to improve our health whilst minimising our impact on the planet. Veganuary is a campaign promoted at this time of year, to highlight the benefits of becoming vegan. 

Here at The Somerset Toiletry Company, we get many enquiries about whether our products are suitable for plant-based living. By displaying the trademark on our products, we hope to make life easy for vegans or people looking to buy vegan gifts for others.

We understand this is becoming more important to our consumers, so we have registered most of our bestselling body care collection, Naturally European, with The Vegan Society. Although we have always been advocates of cruelty-free skincare and most of our products are vegan-friendly, the addition of the trademark has made it easier for customers. 


Read on to discover more about the benefits of buying vegan products, and why many people choose to do so.


Is being vegan good for you?

Research suggests that adopting a vegan diet can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower heart disease rates, diabetes and even cancer. Have you made purchases from your local farmers market or community farm during lockdown (we certainly have)? Following recent events that have impacted us all, many people are now reviewing lifestyles choices. 

We’re all certainly travelling less, spending more time at home and considering what we purchase more thoroughly, especially when it comes to what we eat. Here in the UK, there has been a shift towards sourcing local produce, supporting local enterprise, and enjoying life’s simple things once again.  

As we’re not currently socialising as we used to, a little more time at home has meant many of us have been in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. If you’re thinking about trying vegan food, why not use this extra time to learn about nutrition and how to maintain a healthy, balanced plant-based lifestyle? There are some tremendous Vegan resources out there to help you make sure you’re getting enough fibre, vitamins and minerals in your diet.  

Visit The Vegan Society website for more information. 



Why being vegan is good for the environment


It is not just our bodies that can benefit from a Vegan lifestyle. The meat and dairy industry place a heavy strain on the environment, from the crops and water used to feed animals, to the processing and transportation. Many believe the reduction of demand for such industries could positively impact our global carbon footprint and help manage climate change. 

Benefits of vegan-friendly products

The main benefits of vegan-friendly products lie in the benefits for the environment, the welfare of the animals, and our health. The top reasons why people turn vegan include the health benefits (46%), animal welfare (34%) and environmental reasons (12%). It’s argued that we will be unable to maintain our current food systems with the estimated population growth, and we need to look for sustainable alternatives.  

The vegan lifestyle aims to avoid any forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals. Did you think Veganism purely involved a plant-based diet? It also includes refraining from using anything that may consist of animal by-products, from clothing (such as leather shoes) to skincare (which has involved animal testing). It is easy to see how compassion is also an aspect of Veganism. Many of us have emotional ties to our household pets and would not support any form of animal cruelty and exploitation. 

Since 2014, ‘Veganuary‘ has inspired over 1 million people to try a vegan lifestyle in the first month of the year. With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s not surprising this way of life has increased in popularity.


Vegan Toiletries

The Somerset Toiletry Company has a wide range of vegan friendly products and toiletries. If you prefer to purchase vegan-friendly products or looking for gifts for others, explore our vegan skincare and vegan body care products

Our products are beautifully fragranced and registered by The Vegan Society. You’ll find luxury soap bars, vegan hand cream, hand wash, shower gel, body lotion, bath salts, fragranced sachets, hand caddies, travel collections, scented candles and cruelty-free gift sets. We have a whole category dedicated to vegan products on our website so look out for the ‘vegan’ product badge!

Naturally European products are available in the following scents: Plum Violet, Ginger & Lime, Rose Petal, Verbena, Freesia & Pear and Milk Cotton.*

*Please note, a few items within the Naturally European collection are not suitable for Vegans, including our lip balms as they contain Beeswax and many of our milk fragranced products. 

Not that we are travelling much now, these little bath and body gifts sets are a great way to try out different fragrances and look fabulous on display in your bathroom. Who knew we’d all be so desperate to be in an airport!



Vegan Hand Soap


As we all know, hand washing is the most effective method of protecting ourselves and others during this pandemic. Naturally European (150g) soap bars are hand-wrapped in (plastic-free) paper packaging. Suitable for vegans, the delicately fragranced soap is blended with shea butter to nourish and protect your skin.

Shop our Vegan-friendly Soap

Vegan Body Products

Treat yourself to a little self-care with our Naturally European Vegan Lotion. Fast-penetrating and deeply nourishing to give you a burst of fragrance to ease you into the day. It’s made in England and packaged in a long-lasting (500 ml) plastic bottle, which you can easily recycle afterwards. 

Vegan Bath Products

When it’s all getting too much, immerse yourself in Naturally European Shower Gel for a refreshing and wonderfully scented wash. Our large (500ml) bottles of luxury body wash will lift your mood and cleanse your body perfectly. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and are inspired to find out more about a plant-based lifestyle. It may seem an extreme way of life to some of us; however, no one can deny the ongoing concern regarding our planet and Veganism’s growing popularity. Perhaps moving towards a vegan lifestyle by eating less meat and dairy (maybe one day per week) would be an excellent place to start?

Good luck!        


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