Never has the cleanliness of our hands been under such scrutiny. Since COVID-19 reared it’s ugly head earlier this year, the message has been unequivocal – wash hands to save lives! Luckily, for the majority of us, clean running water and sanitisation is readily available – perhaps something we take for granted. Nevertheless, all this additional hand-washing and sanitising gels, deep cleaning of our home and workspace is undoubtedly taking its toll on our skin. Therefore, it’s imperative to up our game in terms of keeping our hands moisturised. 

We have over 30 different hand lotions in our current range. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite hand cream gifts, a perfect treat for yourself or a thoughtful Christmas gift for a loved one.


Hand Cream Gift Set

An ideal way to trial some of our popular Aromas Artesanales de Antigua scents, this gift set contains three large (60ml) tubes of light moisturising hand lotion.

Each hand cream set is made using 10% shea butter to heal and protect dry hands and promote beautifully soft, healthy and subtly scented skin. This varied selection of hand cream includes the following floral fragrances: Orange Blossom, White Jasmine and Peony Plum.

In line with our sustainability goals, we have redesigned the outer packaging to remove the acetate panel and internal plastic tray, which will launch early 2021. 

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Although the range has evolved over the years, the original inspiration for Aromas Artesanales de Antigua (or AAA as we kindly refer to it) body care came from the stunning flora and fauna found in Antigua, Guatemala. Nourish dry skin with Aromas Artesanales de Antigua Rose Petal Hand Cream.

Nostalgic, romantic and delicately perfumed, rose petal is the perfect aroma for a light, floral, everyday scent. Massage cleansed skin as required, using this large tube of deeply moisturising hand cream is especially good for dry, winter-damaged hands. 

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Once you’ve tried Naturally European Hand Cream we’re sure you’ll agree it’s the best hand cream around for soothing dry hands. Verbena is a fresh scent with a herbal, citrus vibe. It’s made here in the UK and blended with natural ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, baobab seed oil, rosehip oil, lemon peel and verbena extracts.

All of our products are cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians. The Vegan Society has registered the majority of our Naturally European range, so it offers great gifts for vegans. Also, to note, the aluminium tube can be easily recycled, along with the card presentation box. 

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Christmas Hand Cream

Every year we create a collection of festive body care gifts to supplement our main ranges. This year we have created mini hand care gifts sets, inspired by the capital city of London.

One design includes an iconic red London bus, and the other includes the Royal Guards of Buckingham Palace. A wonderful gift for city dwellers the cute little gift box contains a mini hand cream (30ml) and soap bar (80g). Have yourself a merry little Christmas with the seasonal scents of Winter Berry or Woodland Pine.

Designed to resemble Christmas tree decorations, these make perfect secret Santa gifts or would look incredible placed for the guests sat around your Christmas table. 

Orange Blossom Hand Cream

Nourish dry skin with our light Aromas Artesanales de Antigua (AAA) Orange Blossom Hand Cream. Wonderfully aromatic and sweet, yet fresh and enticing, orange blossom is a trendy fragrance. The Orange Blossom scent is similar to Neroli but often a more decadent, more bold aroma.

The fragrance comes from the small white flowers found on the bitter orange tree (not the oranges trees we use for fruit). Orange blossom symbolises purity and innocence, so often used in bridal bouquets and wedding flowers. 

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Top Tip for Dry Hands

Keep a hand cream beside your bed and smoother your hands at night, so they are deeply moisturised as you sleep! 

The advice continues to be the best way to protect ourselves and others from the transmission of viruses is by thoroughly washing hands with soap and water, which is something we can all do. As a result, make sure you’re looking after your hands and moisturising more than usual. As one of our bestselling products, we are renowned for hand cream and have been creating luxury hand care for over two decades now. We genuinely believe it’s the best value for money on the market, including nourishing ingredients and beautiful fragrance, it’s the whole package! 

Lavender Hand Cream

Nourish dry skin with the light formula of Aromas Artesanales de Antigua (AAA) Lavender Hand Cream. The 10% shea butter in this hand lotion will add a protective layer needed to soothe hard-working hands.

If you’re looking for a more substantial cream, try our Naturally European luxury hand cream, with higher levels of shea butter (20%) and natural extracts. Used for centuries due to it’s known healing properties, the fragrance of lavender encourages relaxation and creates a tranquil aroma that banishes day-to-day stress.

Lily of the Valley Luxury Hand Cream

Light, floral and sweetly scented, the lily of the valley flower provides a comforting, uplifting fragrance to brighten up the day.

If you love classic floral aromas, apply Aromas Artesanales de Antigua (AAA) Lily of the Valley Hand Cream to the palms of your hands and gently massage in until absorbed. 


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Mini Hand Cream

Our Naturally European mini hand care set is a perfect way to sample three of the most popular Naturally European fragrances: Verbena, Ginger & Lime and Rose Petal. A handy luxury hand cream set, to ensure you have a hand cream wherever you are: one in your handbag, one at work and one at home (although that may be the same location at the moment). A creamy, thick texture and high levels of shea butter (20%) ensure dry hands are soothed and smooth. Blended with essential oils, we feel this offers the best skincare for damaged skin at a fraction of the cost of other hand creams on the market.

Ginger & Lime Luxury Hand Cream

Ginger and lime is hands down, our most popular fragrance (globally). It’s fresh, warm and spicy and generally a massive crowd-pleaser.

It’s not surprising the combination of ginger and lime can be found in popular food and drink as known for it’s nutritional and detoxifying properties. 


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The Somerset Toiletry Company was founded in 1999 and has been developing beautiful body care and gifts ever since. Please read our about us page to find out more, or explore all our scented toiletries, home fragrances and more on our website.

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