Although washing our hands reduces the spread of germs, it has taken a toll on our skin. In severe cases, over-washing can result in dry and chapped skin. However, as with everything, where there are problems there are solutions. 

Read our guide from The Somerset Toiletry Company about how to care for dry hands, and discover how you can take care of your hands in future.

Causes of dry hands

There can be several causes of dry, cracked hands or chapped hands. Knowing the causes can help in the prevention of dry skin. Let’s take a look at the reasons for dry, sore hands:

1- Weather and environmental conditions

Extreme weather can be a common reason for dry hands stripping the skin of its natural moisture and oils. Make sure you cover up when you’re heading out by investing in some gloves primarily if your job is based outside in the elements.

2- Medical conditions

Many people have medical conditions which can cause sore hands such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Often tricky to treat, these conditions sadly cause swollen, red, inflamed skin which looks flaky and scaly. In this case, we’d recommend using highly fragranced products with extreme caution. Although everyone’s skin is different, it may be worth investigating if you are sensitive to any specific allergens. 

3- Harsh chemicals or irritants 

Environmental irritants can also be a reason for very dry hands. For anyone who works with chemicals, this can cause ongoing issues, for example, construction workers, engineers, cleaners, or hairdressers. These environmental irritants can also become a problem for people with otherwise okay hands. We often have nurses tell us they swear by our Naturally European hand cream to protect their hard-working hands. 


Home remedies for dry and cracked hands

You can do several things to improve the health of your hands, which we’ll cover off in more detail later, but did you know that stress can also trigger skin conditions? It’s true. It turns out that de- stressing yourself is essential in all areas of life, including your body’s physical health. 

1- Good Quality Hand wash 

Did you know that washing hands with harsh products can be a significant cause of dry hands? Add in boiling water, and it can be the perfect recipe for a hand disaster – sore hands and dry, cracked hands will undoubtedly follow suit. 

Washing hands with a good quality, luxury hand wash is an excellent way to keep the dryness at bay. Hand washes made with natural ingredients will be gentle on the hand’s skin. Additionally, they will not strip the natural moisture barrier on your hands. 

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2- Wash with warm water 

Hot water is not suitable for the hands or anywhere on your body for that matter. Using it to wash your skin can result in dry, calloused, and sore hands over time. The ideal water temperature is tepid. Don’t worry, the temperature of the water will not alter the effectiveness of the soap. 

3- Pat dry your hands

Once you have washed your hands, vigorously rubbing them to dry them is a bad idea. It can be an even worse idea with hands that are already sore, cracked, and dry. Try to pat your hands dry with a hand towel to avoid damaging sensitive skin. 

4- Use hand cream 

Another way to treat dry and sore hands is through regular use of hand cream. You can apply a good quality moisturiser natural hand cream before you sleep, which will deeply nourish the skin. To replenish the moisture that has been stripped, ensure you opt for a hand cream with natural ingredients such as shea butter. Incorporating a hand care routine in your daily skincare routine will help you take good care of your hands. Ensure you have a hand lotion everywhere you go, under normal circumstances that would include the car, your handbag and your desk at work so maybe just the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for now!

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5- Prescription cream

You should consult a doctor if your hands have developed little cuts and are bleeding in places. A prescription cream with a steroid may be required to help get the issue under control. They may even suggest a wet dressing, however always consult your GP for any medical advice. Once your skin has calmed down, stick with a hand care regime to avoid any future flare-ups. 

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