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★★★★★ Customer Reviews

We are thrilled to introduce to you our latest collection, Sandalwood Country Club. A unisex home and body care range featuring seriously sophisticated scents. Intentionally designed to make a statement, not only does it look impressive, it’s formulated using natural extracts and it smells incredible! Inspired by the outdoors this collection is available in two sublime fragrances; Driftwood & Sea Salt and Cedarwood & Moss.


We have long been admirers of the diverse unisex fragrance of Sandalwood and figured it deserved a luxury home and body care range in its namesake.

The design of this range takes inspiration from the preppy sophistication of the country club aesthetic, as well as our love for the great outdoors. From the Somerset countryside that we call home to the dense forests of North-eastern America and the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest.


It can often be challenging to describe fragrance, but we can assure you these exclusive combinations of scents are to die for. Firstly Driftwood & Sea Salt offers a unique, unisex scent that partners musky warm sandalwood with crisp citrus, nautical notes. This fragrance captures the essence of an evening campfire on a quiet beach. Secondly, Cedarwood & Moss is an invigorating scent. Envisage damp, moss-covered woods and fresh green grass in this homage to misty morning walks through the Somerset countryside – the only thing missing is a tailored tweed jacket!

Across both bold designs, the collection includes:

  • Hand wash 300ml
  • Shower gel 200ml
  • Soap bar 150g
  • Scented candle 150g
  • Reed diffuser 100ml

 Natural Extracts

This collection was undoubtedly inspired by the great outdoors and therefore we felt important to include beneficial natural extracts;

Driftwood & Sea salt shower gel and hand wash include Seaweed and Sea Fennel extracts. Seaweed is packed with vitamins and natural antioxidants and is therefore believed to improve skin tone and texture while reducing imperfections. Sea Fennel, a sea-derived ingredient rich in vitamins and minerals (or Crithmum Maritimum extract), is said to promote anti-ageing and improve skin condition.

Cedarwood & Moss shower gel and hand wash include Bark and Seaweed extracts. Birch (or Alba Bark extract) is derived from the White Birch plant, containing antioxidants suggested to soothe and protect the skin. The high concentration of minerals and vitamins in Seaweed (Chrondus Crispus extract) is believed to enable moisturisation and exfoliation, promoting overall healthier skin.

 Sustainable Soap

Sandalwood Country Club soap bars are made in Somerset using RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. Using segregated palm oil enables traceability of the entire supply chain and promotes sustainable farming methods. We feel palm oil is a fantastic ingredient used within soap and we’re proud member of RSPO.

Find out more about RSPO here!

 Scented Coconut Wax Candle

Sandalwood Country Club candles are made using a blend of coconut wax. These eco-friendly (non-toxic) candles burn clean and slow and are made from a renewable (high yield) source. We tested various types of wax during the development process but as a team we all agreed coconut wax performed the best with these contemporary fragrances. We’ve also added a wooden lid to our candles to protect them when not in use. Why not reset the mood in your home and enjoy these candles for up to 30 hours.


As a design-led company, packaging is very important to us at The Somerset Toiletry Company and we’re totally in love with the deep, moody blue and green tones within this new collection – we also debated over a burgundy option but perhaps that’s something for the future! Soft-touch plastic bottles and tubes, pumps and caps are all made using recycled plastic (PCR) and ornate patterns adorn the presentation boxes of the diffusers and candles with gold foil highlights for extra pazazz.

Available to purchase online or in selected stores.

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