The History Of Candle Making

Candles were originally made by Egyptians over five thousand years ago, using reeds and animal fats. For many years after, candlelight had a mainly functional purpose before the introduction of electricity and light bulbs. However, in modern society candles are now mostly used a symbol of celebration and enjoyment.

How Candles Are Made

Times have moved on and contemporary chandlers (candle-makers), produce candles in three stages. Firstly the wick is braided and treated to ensure it burns at the correct speed. Secondly, huge kettles of wax are heated and filtered, so fragrances can be added. Finally, the wicks are added to shaped trays, followed by the the wax and then cooled.

Why Buy From ‘The Somerset Toiletry Company’?

Thankfully candle making has come a long way and our candles are made using natural plant wax, with a cotton wick. This ensures they are clean burning and kind to the environment, unlike paraffin-based alternatives. The ideal gift, our UK made scented candles are presented in a glass votive and packaged in a sophisticated gift box (both of which can be recycled). Working closely alongside our fragrance house, we dedicate ample testing (burning) time, to ensure we have the perfect harmony of fragrance within our scented candles. We strive to create candles that smell delightful when burning, but not so strong they become nauseating. We have all been disappointed after investing in a candle that either doesn’t diffuse any fragrance or becomes too overpowering.

Within our candle collection we offer a diverse range of beautiful aromas, whatever your preference we have something to offer. To help you choose, we recommend the following from our Naturally European collection:

Revitalising: Ginger and Lime

Citrus: Verbena

Classic: Rose Petal

Relaxing: Plum Violet

Delicate: Freesia and Pear

Soothing: Milk Cotton

Naturally European Luxury Candle – 5 Star Customer Review

“Really lovely candle, lasts ages and gentle fragrance which fills the room but doesn’t overpower. I’m currently using milk cotton which is really fresh. Can’t wait to try other fragrances. Good value for money compared to some other well known brands” – Janine.

How To Look After Candles

Although our candles burn for up to 40 hours, to make the most of them we recommend you let them burn until the entire top becomes liquid, as this will reduce wastage. It’s also worth investing in a snuffer to reduce smoking, debris and spillages.

Candles Make Scent-sational Gifts

Whether you want to add some ambiance to your home, add a little romance to a dinner date or indulge whilst having a long hot soak, our candles offer a well deserved treat or wonderful gifts for loved ones.

As life is pretty hectic, enjoy the simple things and pop the kettle on, put your feet up with a good book and a scented candle this weekend!

Please let us know if you enjoyed this post and let us know, what is your favourite home fragrance?

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