Planning to travel is all fun and games until it is finally time to pack your things. We’ve all been there – stuffing clothes, food, and whatnot in your suitcases and bags. Although, the biggest fear is forgetting to pack something really important and leaving it behind at home.

Toiletry bags are a big lifesaver while traveling as these small pouches can fit in our essentials and keep them securely in one place. But by essentials, we don’t mean packing in everything you can find (kitchen sink to be avoided)!

A toiletry bag should only have the things you would want within arm’s reach, so you won’t have to search through your suitcases to find them. It’s also really handy to carry items that come in handy during an emergency.

Toiletry Bag Essentials that you should have


So, to the main question – what exactly should we put in a toiletry bag? To make it easy for you, we have prepared a guide/checklist of all the traveling essentials that you should have in your toiletry bag.


Shower Essentials


The first important thing to add to the bag is shampoo and conditioner. You can decant your preferred hair care into small containers (and seal them with plastic so they don’t spill) or grab one of our mini travel collections. Alternatively, you can also find shampoo bars (coming soon) if carrying too many liquids worries you.  

You would also need something to wash and cleanse your skin. So, for that, a shower gel or body wash should be a part of your toiletry bag. 


Medication Essentials


We are usually familiar with the weather or surroundings of the place we are traveling to. But if there is one thing that we can’t predict, that is falling ill while traveling. Especially if you are traveling with little ones, this is one of the biggest concerns.

In times like this, the thought of running around the city to get the required medicine can be scary. So, the next thing to put in your toiletry bag is medication essentials. This does not only apply to people with health problems but anyone traveling.

We’d suggest carrying common medicines for colds, stomach upsets or headaches to cover the basics. 

Hygiene Essentials


In light of the ongoing pandemic, taking care of your hygiene is something you certainly cannot neglect. A hand sanitiser is the most convenient hygiene essential that you can easily take anywhere.

With a hand sanitiser in your toiletry bag, you can also save yourself from the effort of washing your hands constantly. The best part is that they are easily available in pocket-size containers, so they don’t occupy a lot of space in the bag.

Don’t forget about dental hygiene. You can carry a mini-size toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash to keep you fresh while traveling. 


Beauty Essentials 


Getting ready on the go can be a daunting task if you don’t have all your makeup essentials. To always be ready for those “Instagram-worthy” pictures, make sure you have your make-up essentials to hand. 

When you’re travelling keep to the basics to ensure that there is space available for other items in the toiletry bag.

In terms of electronics, you can also get mini hair straighteners and hairdryers so you can be the best version of you (just don’t forget an adaptor if travelling abroad).


Skincare Essentials


Not only do we experience the change in weather while traveling to a different place, but our skin does too. Especially when traveling to a colder place, our skin tends to dry up easily. Without question, your skincare essentials should be in your toiletry bag.

It is a good idea to check what the weather will be like at your destination before travelling, so you can pack the essentials accordingly. For example, if it’s going to be bright and sunny, take sunscreen. While in the cold weather, a moisturising body lotion and hand cream can do wonders to protect your skin.

Also, to remove all the excess dirt and oil that can clog up your pores while traveling around, make sure you have cleansing products to hand. 


Other Essentials


Besides the skincare, makeup, medication, and shower essentials, you may also need face wipes (we prefer the reusable ones) and a small sewing kit? These items are can be very useful in case of an urgent wardrobe malfunction or spillage.  

Our top picks: Toiletry Bags


As we’ve covered all the toiletry essentials, where to keep all this stuff? Of course, you need a toiletry bag that is durable, spacious and holds all our things safely. Discover our selection of toiletry bags and purses to hold of your travel essentials safe and secure. 

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