As you can imagine, creating fragranced gifts for many years now, we understand how strong personal preferences can be when it comes to scent. Even in the office, opinions differ when we are developing new products and deciding which fragrances to go with – what one of us may adore the next person may loathe! It’s precisely the same story when it comes to luxury home fragrance. Read on to discover how to transform any room with the addition of your favourite scented candles.


What is the best smelling candle to buy?

The best candles to buy will often be the ones that not only smell great, but fit perfectly in the room they’re placed in. In this article, we’ll cover some of the key considerations when purchasing candles for your home, so you can make an informed decision and be confident in your choice. 



How can I maximise my candle scent?


To make the most of your candle, we suggest when you light it, make sure you let the wax melt to the edge of the glass each time to avoid any wastage. You can also trim the wick in between uses, to prevent debris falling in the wax and looking unsightly. Any candle super-fan will use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame, and there are some beautiful ones out there. Please don’t forget to be extra careful when using candles, and keep out of reach from pets and young children. 

How to choose scented candles


Quality is essential when it comes to scented candles. All too often, when we’ve bought an inexpensive candle, it’s quite common to be disappointed with the low level of fragrance or the limited life span. Naturally European candles include high-quality fragrance oils blended with a pure vegetable base, so they burn slow and low (lasting for over 40 hours). 

Naturally European fragrances take you on an aromatic journey throughout Europe, from lavender fields in France to citrus groves in Spain and quintessential English rose gardens. 


Consider the space


It’s an excellent idea to consider where you will be lighting your candle before you decide on a fragrance. For example, you may want something fresh and light (not overpowering) for a small kitchen, but something more substantial with more impact for a large lounge or dining room. The bigger the room, the bolder you may want the scent to be. Don’t forget candles can also be a fantastic way of masking smells, should you have household pets. 

Consider the wax type

Manufacturers use various materials in the production of candle wax. Cheap candles often use paraffin (obtained from fossil fuel petroleum) or mineral wax, and others use beeswax (gathered when making honey) or plant wax (from soybeans for example). You’ll be happy to know our candles have a 100% vegetable base containing soy and other plant-based ingredients such as coconut and rapeseed, all from natural and renewable sources. These 200g natural candles with cotton wicks are cleaning burning and soot free. We believe the simple chemistry of natural wax is easier for the human body to recognise, unlike complex paraffin or mineral alternatives. Also, to note our candles are cruelty-free, so make perfect gifts for vegetarians and vegans, as The Vegan Society has recently registered them. 


Consider scents you enjoy

Woody – Comfort


If you’re looking for a soothing scent, try our Lavender candle with a boldly herbaceous, earthy yet floral aroma. 

Fruity – Refreshing


Our latest fragrance in Naturally European, Plum Violet offers a vibrant, fruity aroma with undertones of musky vanilla and sandalwood.

Floral – Delicate 


A sophisticated choice, freesia & pear combines the delicate scent of freesia with a sweet aroma of pear.

Fresh – Uplifting


Very popular, the combination of Ginger and lime creates the perfect balance of heat and freshness.


Our Personal Favourites


Our Rose Petal scented candle offers a classic, sophisticated floral fragrance, yet a Verbena candle will diffuse a sweet yet citrusy perfume throughout the room and Milk Cotton candles combine cedarwood and patchouli reminiscent of fresh linen.

If you’re still unsure, perhaps go for a seasonal scent like freesia and pear in the springtime or rose petal in the Summer?


Try gentle milk candles for your bathroom or small rooms, bright and happy verbena for family areas such as kitchens and sensual rose to create a romantic ambience in your bedroom.

Sakina, Owner & Founder

Sakina Buoy

Best scented candles

Incredibly proud of our home fragrance products, we feel they offer the highest quality at an affordable price. I mean we’d all love a Diptyque candle in every room, but who can seriously afford that? Made locally in the Southwest of England, Naturally European candles are made in a facility that uses solar energy, and all of the packaging is recyclable, from the outer card box to the glass vessel. Why not reuse the glass jar afterwards for a handy bit of bathroom storage, e.g. for cotton buds?  

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in terms of selecting home fragrance and you’ve discovered a candle you can’t stop burning! We know this year has been incredibly challenging, and finding joy in the simple things and making the most of our homes has been vital. 

Please get in touch and let us know your favourite Naturally European scent and share your photographs with us, as we love seeing our products in use.


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