Ever wondered, how do I get through winter without losing my skin glow and avoiding winter skin problems? It’s a very valid question; we all know freezing temperatures, cold winds and pollution are not doing us any favours in terms of our natural glow. For most of us, winter is a time for dry, flaky skin and redness (and as we all know, wearing a mask doesn’t help at all), so we all need good winter skin care and body care tips and amazing products to get through this cold season.

The Somerset Toiletry Company has created this guide with helpful hints and tips for how to take care of your skin this winter and found some of our best buys to help with body care. 

Discover how to take care of your skin this winter by reading our 8 tips below. Winter skin care never looked so good!

1- Avoid taking hot showers and baths

While some people believe that hot baths are suitable for your skin, we do not advise you to take showers or baths with a temperature higher than 38 degrees. Now you are going to wonder, why, and if it means that baths aren’t helpful? Don’t get me wrong; you can take hot baths as much as you like as they are an excellent way of relaxing, but they aren’t as beneficial for your skin as you may think.

Natural oils surround skin which protects it from pollution and the external environment. Hot water tends to remove this film of oil and thus make our skin more vulnerable and sensitive to the cold temperatures. Although having a warm bath sounds unpleasant, we advise warm water rather than a hot bath, to keep your skin healthy.

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2- Use a good makeup remover

Here is a winter skin care tip that can’t be avoided!

As we all know, makeup isn’t the best thing for our skin, but it is something we love to wear and enjoy. So, don’t worry, you can put makeup on as long as you have the best makeup remover for your type of skin. Many people don’t realise the importance of using a good makeup remover. It is a significant step in our skincare routine, especially if you want to avoid winter skin problems.

We need to be more cautious with the products we use on our skin, especially during the winter. Choose a makeup remover cleansing gel or oil rather than lotions with alcohol or micellar water, that can make your skin even more sensitive.

3- Protect chapped lips

During winter times, some parts of our skin are more sensitive than others and need more care. We always think about our body care but tend to forget about our lips, which is a mistake. Who wants flaky lips?

Our lips tend to get very sensitive and dry during cold temperatures. We advise you to opt for a lip balm with Shea Butter, honey, or beeswax in it. These ingredients will leave a thin layer on your lips that will make them moisturised and soothed throughout the day. Make sure to use an exfoliant if necessary to remove dead skin (1-2 times a week max).

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4- Drink enough water

An effective way to keep on top of your winter skin care!

You might think that you need less water during the winter, and you might feel less thirsty, so you tend to drink less, but it is a mistake. To maintain hydrated skin, you need to start from the inside out. Drinking 1.5L (approximately) of water a day is what will keep your skin hydrated during cold temperatures. Do you not fancy water? No problem, we’ve got a solution. Tea is a good alternative; green tea has antioxidants which is excellent for your skin, and herbal tea is good to keep a moisture balance.

5- Exfoliate your skin

Cold temperatures make your skin sensitive and vulnerable; so we suggest you exfoliate your skin regularly (1-2 times per week max). The exfoliant is going to help you get rid of dead cells and make room for new ones which makes your skin healthier. Choosing a good exfoliant is very important; it will ensure that your creams are fully absorbed. We recommend doing it at night, for better and more effective absorption. Skin being fragile during cold seasons, we advise you to choose a gentle exfoliant, and not overdo it as it can irritate your skin and increase its dryness (no more than twice a week). Very important as well, do not use the same exfoliant for your body and your facial skin. Don’t forget to moisturise your skin afterwards for a better result.

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6- Moisturise your skin

Just like we change wardrobes from one season to another, we also need to change our skincare routine and products if necessary. During the summer, we tend to use lighter creams however as the winter comes our skin gets dryer and more sensitive; therefore we need to opt for richer creams (creams with Shea Butter for example).

For extra moisture add a few drops of face oil, or even better, apply a serum underneath your usual day/night creams. In the winter, our glow diminishes; therefore, we would advise you to use a serum with Vitamin C, it will boost your skin, make signs of fatigue disappear and leave your face toned. It is essential to observe skin changes during the winter if you notice your skin is getting dryer and becoming more sensitive, please make sure you’re using the right cream for your type of skin.

7- Use SPF products!

A winter skin care tip that might surprise you!

Although it’s good to get sunlight every day for our mental health, our skin does not like it. We need to be careful and to protect it from UV as much as we can, even during the winter. UV can make your skin more sensitive and can cause premature ageing. If you don’t want to add other products to your routine, we suggest buying a day cream, including SPF.

8- Take care of your hands

The last, but not the least most crucial winter skincare tip, use hand cream! Winter is never kind to our hands, and they deserve some love, just like the rest of our body. Hand care is essential during the winter as your hands get dry. Hand cream is the solution that’s going to save you from it. The best creams are the ones with Shea Butter; they will ensure hydration and nourish your hands throughout the day. 

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