Although Christmas is a time to treat others, it’s also time to treat yourself. It’s always important to have some down time, no matter how busy our lives are. To make it easier to have the perfect self-care night we have created a list of the must have pamper essentials this winter, ideal for a cosy evening.

Step One

The first step to a successful pamper evening is running a bath.

Our Bubble Bath & Bubble Blowing products are essential to the perfect relaxing bubble bath. Simply pour the bubble bath under warm running water, use the wand to blow bubbles and sit back and relax.

Step Two

Step two is to light a candle.

Light plays an important part in relaxation, scented candles are perfect for making a soft, warm glow. And, of course, scented candles will produce a beautiful scent. By having the right scent in your bathroom, you can promote relaxation. We have a wide range of fragranced candles to ensure you have the perfect one for you. Our Naturally European candles are available in Ginger and Lime, Milk Cotton, Rose Petal, Freesia and pear Verbena and plum violet.

Or, if you fancy pushing the boat out, our AAA soap and candle collections include a beautiful, floral bar of soap as well as a candle. These are available in Orange Blossom, Lavender and White Jasmine.

Step Three

The third step to an amazing pamper night is a Bath Bomb.

A bath fizzer is the perfect way to relax because as you unwind, your skin is getting moisturised. You leave the bath feeling relaxed and your skin feels soft and supple. Not only do they leave your skin feeling great, but they also create an atmosphere of luxury. One small bath fizzer can transform your bath into a spa and as it fizzes, releases the most amazing scents to help you relax and unwind.

Our Christmas wishes Bath Fizzers are perfect at achieving this. Available in Holly Berry and Fresh Snow, these bath fizzers are sure to fill your bathroom with the most amazing scents. Making you feel Christmassy and zen.

Step Four

Bath Salts are another great product to use as well as, or alongside bath fizzers. Submerging our bodies into a bath filled with warm water and salt is proven to be one of the best ways to restore ourselves after a long day.

Benefits of having a bath with bath salts include soothing muscles, hydrating skin and detoxifying the body. Our Winter Bath Salts are available in Cranberry and Cedarwood. To use our bath salts simply sprinkle a hand full of salts into warm running water, allow it to dissolve to release the scent.

Step Five

Moisturising your skin is a key step during a pamper night. Moisturising has so many benefits, including rehydrating dry skin, smoothing calluses, feeling and smelling good, helping you relax and making your skin glow.

Our Naturally European Body Lotions are fast penetrating and deeply nourishing to give you a burst of fragrance and ease you into the day. Our Aromas Artesanales de Antigua (AAA) Body Creams contain Shea Butter to moisturise your skin. Light, floral and sweetly scented, these body creams provide a comforting, uplifting fragrance to brighten up the day.

Once completing these steps, you should feel fresh, silky smooth and relaxed. Get dressed into some cosy pyjamas, grab your favourite snacks and stick on your favourite movie to complete the ultimate Christmas pamper night.

To ensure you can experience the ultimate pamper night we have created our own Pink pamper Bundle. This Bundle includes six bath and body pamper night essentials. Grab yours now!

Pink Pamper Bundle

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