In homage to our 20th Anniversary, we celebrate the release of our new Beauty of Bath collection, honouring our local city of Bath, historically renowned for sophistication and luxury. The rich extracts of the new range aim to replicate Bath’s beauty, with sensuous scents Vanilla Baies Rouge, Violet Jasminium Ginger and Cashmere Musk Noir. All fragrances come in a Room Diffuser, Foaming Bath Soak, Hand Wash, Hand Cream, and a Soap bar, and are completely free from parabens and SLS.

The collection juxtaposes the modern-day and vintage to celebrate both Bath’s history and contemporary beauty. Drapes, patterns and textures are combined with hints of bright colours to modernise the toiletries, explained further by our designer Harvey Legg,

The area of Bath and the city itself is full of Manor style houses, history, great architecture and interior design. The concepts are inspired by items that could be found around these types of homes. Paintings, patterns, materials, decorative items from the interiors, different types of rooms you would find.

Harvey Legg – Head Designer

The Beauty of Bath fragrances were also centred around the rooms and gardens from inspirational Bath houses, such as the orangery, the parlour and the drawing room. With top notes of mandarin and base notes of sandalwood and vanilla, Cashmere Musk Noir aims to leave you reminiscent of a warm elegant evening. Violet Jasminium Ginger has top notes of lemon, quince and pine, and base notes of patchouli, black pepper and clove; a vibrant and rich combination of sweet floral and spicy citrus scents. Vanilla Baies Rouge has top notes of red berries and base notes of patchouli vanilla gourmand which creates a comforting infusion of sweet delicacy.

Guest post by Chloe House


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