Big believers of holistic healing here in Somerset, we invited local Reflexologist, Jane from Feet up for health to The Soap Bar Café (at our HQ in Somerset) to share her skills and treat our customers. Jane has always been passionate about alternative therapy but started practicing in 2018 and offers treatments locally.

What is Reflexology?

Jane explained to us that Reflexology is a hands-on massage practice, often done on the feet but can also be done on hands, ears and face. 

Reflexology works on the theory that we have energy pathways running through our bodies and that we can send energy to all the organs and systems of the body by applying pressure techniques to the “reflex points” on the extremities, i.e. the feet, hands or face. 


It is an ancient therapy, thought to have origins in ancient Egypt and China, going back thousands of years. It started to become more known in Britain in the 1960’s and is now a growing complementary therapy. Many medical professionals recognise the place of reflexology alongside traditional medicine, to complement any other necessary treatments.

‘I had an amazing reflexology appointment with Jane. She is really lovely and very knowledgeable. Blended with a little extra oil, the Rose hand cream she used left my hands feeling so smooth and smelling amazing! I felt completely relaxed and at ease during my session and would 100% recommend her to anyone.’

How can Reflexology help?

If you’ve been struggling with a long-term conditions, Jane explained that reflexology could help. As unconscious muscle tensions or thought patterns are released, and the body systems are supported by the flow of energy, the resulting flow and balance can have miraculous effects on troubling symptoms.

8 concerns Reflexology is thought to help alleviate;

  1. Tiredness
  2. Sleeping problems
  3. Skin conditions
  4. Pain in joints or muscles
  5. Anxiety
  6. Allergies
  7. Digestive disorders
  8. Stress related issues

Reflexology can be both calming and energising, helping to to release tensions and clear energy pathways. It is an ideal way to make sure you have time to “rest and digest”, rather than always being on “high alert”. This is essential for good health and happiness.

Customer Reviews

‘Me and my 8 year old daughter had a lovely session with Jane. Jane has a lovely energy about her and she was absolutely fantastic with my daughter. I will definitely be booking more and recommending to all.’ 


‘Jane is a lovely lady who makes you feel immediately at ease. Her reflexology is very relaxing, and interesting too, with her insights into what’s possibly going on in the rest of the body from the perspective of your feet!’


‘In a calm and relaxing environment Jane explains what you are going to experience and how this treatment can bring many benefits to you and your body. It was a wonderfully calming time and I will definitely be booking more sessions in the future.’



Please contact Jane for more information or to book a session!    

07884 405881


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