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★★★★★ Customer Reviews

Who would have guessed a little over two years ago that the business attire for so many of us in 2022 would include sweatpants and bed-head?

The pandemic brought change to so many aspects of our lives. Perhaps the biggest example of this was the sudden dependence on our home spaces to act as more than just a room with one function.

For some of us the kitchen became school science classrooms and experimental cooking kitchens. Others turned their bedrooms into an office, cafeteria and occasionally a place for rest. This new-found truth got many of us here at `The Somerset Toiletry Co thinking: “Wouldn’t it be nice to introduce a line of products that brought the essence of a luxury European spa into any living space that for so long has been anything but relaxing.”


Two years later, and we are incredibly proud and excited to introduce two new luxury home and body wellness ranges into our offering, Repair and Care and Repair the Air.

But, before we get into our shiny new products, it’s important to mention why wellness, both within the home and body, is so important.

What is personal and home wellness and why are they important?

Wellness primarily means to be in good physical and mental health. Mental and physical health are proven by science to be intertwined. If we start to have struggles in one aspect, we will mostly likely struggle to keep up with the other aspect. 

 The great thing is that we can cater to our personal wellness in a variety of ways. For some, this might mean avoiding scrolling on our phones immediately when we wake up. For others, it might mean establishing a twenty-minute yoga class into our weekly schedule.


Wellness is not a one stop destination, it’s an ongoing decision to make healthy choices and place high priority on your own physical and mental prosperity.

Just like your body, your home needs to be taken care of too. The spaces we occupy can have huge influence on our own physical and mental wellbeing. Clinical trials have shown that our environment affects how efficiently we complete different tasks and how we feel while doing them. So, what does this tell us? Without a little time spent creating a comfortable, cosy living space, the harder it is to achieve all-important personal wellness.

Introducing Repair

With ‘the new normal’ in mind, Repair and Care and Repair the Air uses essential oils and active ingredients designed to bring the essence of a spa retreat into any living space. Bath and body products, pillow sprays, diffusers and candles will bring a sense of tranquillity into your home, mind and body.

Several products in this range are designed to enhance your experience in the bathroom. We have also introduced gorgeous bath soaks and rubs into this collection to nurture your body as efficiently as your surroundings.

We are excited to include toilet drops into this collection, formulated with the fresh, vibrant notes of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang and Mandarin, these drops will turn the smelliest of bathrooms into a quiet place for zen.


The Repair the Air candle and diffuser are packed with bright, soothing essential oils, specifically designed to liven up any room that’s in need of a bit of TLC.


We are also incredibly excited to feature pillow sprays in this range. We all know how important sleep is for our mental and physical health. Our bespoke aromatherapy blend of Lavender, Sage and Chamomile essential oils help relieve stress and ease your mind helping to establish a good night’s rest.


Both Repair lines also come with thoughtfully crafted giftsets that really drive home this idea of welcoming a luxury spa into your home and are perfect for gifting. Gift sets include Tranquil Bathroom (Bath Soak, Candle, Hand Wash), Destressing Bathroom (Candle, Bath Salts) and Renew Pedicure (Foot Scrub, Foot Lotion, Heel Glaze) which has everything you need to rejuvenate tired, sore feet.

The Importance of Essential Oils

Essential oils have the concentrated essence of the plants they come from and in many cases, contain high levels of active ingredients. This has to do with the amount of plant matter required to make essential oil.

The extraction process of essential oils can take place in several ways. One of the most common ways of extracting essential oils is steam distillation, whereby hot steam passes through a plant, pulling the essential compounds out and away from the physical plant matter. Another popular method is cold pressing. Cold pressing is a process that involves pressing plant matter so that it releases essential juices and oils. Many of us have first-hand experience of this if we have ever made homemade orange juice or lemonade.


In creating our Repair ranges, we really wanted to harness the incredible, historic healing properties of essential oils to create products fit for any world class spa. Essential oils are liquid extracts derived from beneficial plants and flowers and has long been a prominent method of healing and medicine across the globe. Scientific research has connected the use of essential oils to several benefits for the human body and mind. Essential oils can aid our cognitive processing and aid stress and anxiety. 

There is also research to suggest essential oils can improve sleep quality and time. The antioxidants in many essential oils have been proven to help prevent the body’s cells from being damaged, possibly protecting the body from numerous infections and diseases, potentially even some stress related cancers.

Within the Repair ranges you will find several essential oil blends, the likes of which not only smell gorgeous but also have direct links to some of the health benefits already discussed. Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Chamomile to just name a few.

Repair and Care and Repair the Air are on the shelves and online now! We cannot wait for you to try them. From replenishing a living space with gorgeous, spa-like aromas to healing the body and mind with deeply nourishing essential oils, what’s not to love about this new range?

Written by Zantore Buoy.

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