Are you trying to escape your bubble at the moment and heading for the bathroom? Bathrooms are probably the one space where we spent quite a lot of time and still put minimal effort into making it homely and relaxing. Have you ever wondered why or how can you make it better?

How can I make my bathroom more relaxing?

Long gone are the days when bathrooms were only visited when necessary. Nowadays, more and more people are looking to create a place unwind and relax after a tiring day. A relaxing bathroom can also serve as a fresh start to a new day and the perfect place to release any daily stress. All of this calls for a little time and effort into creating those relaxing vibes. 

Read on to discover how to make that space more comfortable and welcoming. 

How do you build a tranquil bathroom?

In your house, the one place with supreme tranquillity should be your bathroom. If you are completely redoing your bathroom, try placing the bathtub under a window. Letting in natural light or a sky view is the most effective way to bring a calm atmosphere. The natural light will also go well with the natural bathroom theme. Choosing light and earthen shades will also enhance the Zen bathroom experience while increasing the space’s tranquillity. 


What is the most relaxing colour for a bathroom?

Every colour represents a feeling, an emotion. You aren’t bound to choose any specific colour but opt for lighter shades with a relaxing theme in mind. Red might be a bold statement, but it doesn’t gel with a soothing bathroom theme, nor does orange. Try picking up colours that positively affect your mood. Don’t forget, mirrors can also be used to create the impression of additional space, if you’re limited in that area.  

Pastel shades and light colours like white or beige, or blue are popular colours for bathrooms. These colours will also blend with natural light in your bathroom and will reflect beautifully. For a natural bathroom theme, light blue might not gain everyone’s approval, but it will replicate the bright sky or seaside tones. Your primary goal with selecting a shade for your bathroom should be picking a colour that soothes you and adds a calming touch.

Don’t forget to add your favourite bathing products, to recreate a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Having luxury bath soaps and luxury bath products is a must. There’s no compromise on it. To make it easy for you, we’ve listed our favourites below. 

Relaxing bathroom ideas

Whether you’re getting a bathroom built from scratch, redoing it, or opting for a DIY makeover, there are several ways you can make the space more relaxed. Let’s take a look at the most popular way to revamp your bathroom.


What’s the one thing that can ruin a peaceful aura in your bathroom? A cluttered and messy space with things everywhere. Decluttering your bathroom and getting rid of all the unused items will help achieve a relaxing space. Begin with taking everything out. Only keep products you use daily at hand and store the rest out of sight. 


A relaxing bathroom is one that has everything available without it being on display. Remember that functionality and relaxation should go hand-in-hand. Add medicine cabinets or storage boxes if you haven’t already considered that option. You can also add a ladder in the corner (if you have room) for towels or tables with different storage options. Use this as an opportunity to have a clear out, remembering to recycle any old bottles where possible.


Before you rule this out completely, hear us out. You might think that a bathroom is not the ideal place for a plant, but it can do wonders. Several plants do well with high humidity or less natural light. Hanging plants in your bathroom is an excellent idea to create a spa-like space. Plants will lighten and freshen the whole mood. A fern might be a good option, or a peace lily or an orchid. 


Installing a waterproof radio in your bathroom can instantly take the experience of a zen bathroom a notch higher. Finish your day in a warm, soothing bath with soft music in the background is just perfection. There are some fantastic chilled out playlists on Spotify or simply listen to your favourite tunes whilst you soak. 


Best bath products to use

You can transform your bog-standard daily bathing routine into a fantastic spa-like experience with the right bath products. 

Luxury hand soap

A bath isn’t complete without a luxury bath bar. It’s a given. A luxury bath soap will not only clean your body but will also leave you with a pleasant scent that will remain on your skin afterwards. 

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Create a Fizzing frenzy

No spa bathroom is complete without a bath bomb. A bath fizzer is a perfect thing to add a little fun. Add to your bathtub to soften and scent the water. Who said fun is just for kids?

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Body lotion and body wash 

Body wash and lotions go hand in hand. One is a must for cleansing the body, and the other is a compulsory part of after-care. Invest in the right bath and body care products, as your skin is an extremely vital organ.  

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Scented bath products 

Scented bath products add to the luxury of a zen bathroom. A good quality scented candle will do two things – neutralize any unwanted odours leaving behind a subtle fragrance. Additionally, dim the lights and burn a scented candle to create an indulgent spa experience. It will help you relax and wind down after a tiring day. Alternatively, a good diffuser will also play its part in leaving your zen bathroom with a pleasant fragrance.

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We all need a little pampering at the moment, so why not fully enjoy your bathroom, and treat yourself to some self-care goodies from the The Somerset Toiletry Company

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