Room diffusers are a wonderful accessory for anyone who wants to give a unique and personal touch to the home. A gorgeous fragrance in the home, or office that adds much to the feel of our environment and gives a unique style to the rooms we live and work in. 

A room diffuser can decorate our homes with a variety of beautiful smells: what better way to customise our living and working area, especially if choosing fragrances that uplift our spirits. The use of fragrance and essential oils can have mood enhancing benefits.

Read on to discover more about how to choose the perfect room diffuser, and why they are so popular.



What should I look for when buying a room diffuser?

It’s important to consider the room the diffuser will be in and the scent you choose, too. If you pick a room diffuser that is too strong, the scent may become too much to live with over time, so choose wisely.


How to choose a room diffuser

You can customise every room by carefully selecting aromas that suit the personality of the room. Today there are many attractive options available to you as well as a wide range of fragrance options. Choose what you love to look at if you are making it a statement piece or place in less conspicuous places if it is all about the aroma and the look is less relevant to you.

Room size

The room size and which room in the house it is used in may impact the room diffuser you choose. For example, you can use a fragrance that helps overshadow or cleanse the smells coming from the kitchen. A space like the living room can utilise a fragrance that simply makes you happy and is a constant favourite fragrant backdrop to your daily life. Bedrooms call out for fragrances that are soothing and help us relax and even drift off to sleep. Fresh stronger aromas can work well in bathrooms or hallways, particularly near the front door enveloping visitors with an aromatic welcome. 

Be sure that you keep the reed diffuser on a coaster or mat so there’s no risk of oil damaging any furniture and fabrics. Keep out of reach of children and pets as if the liquid spills it can damage the surface it is on.  If any of the liquid gets on the skin wash with soap and water immediately. 

Intensity of Fragrance

For most of us choosing a fragrance that we are going to live with day and night, requires that they are not overly sickly or overpoweringly strong, unless in a room that you visit only occasionally like the front hall or bathroom. Loving a fragrance and wanting to have that aroma surround you all day every day can sometimes be two different things. Diffusers should really have a backdrop effect, like beautiful pieces of art. They add to the environment rather than disturb. You should smell them when you walk in a room but they need not overpower while you live in that room. 


Diffusers allow us to mix and match, chop and change over time, selecting fragrances that suit your house, your personality and your mood perfectly. If you love a fragrance which is too mild in a large room, you can leave 2 diffusers in diagonal corners of the room to achieve the wanted intensity of aroma.  

You can also use more or less fragrance sticks dipped in the liquid to achieve the right fragrance level.  Larger rooms however may need more than one diffuser. Selecting your diffuser is all about personal choice in look and fragrance.


There are many price points when it comes to diffusers in the marketplace. There are few among us that can afford them at any price. If a diffuser is going to be an important part of your home environment you want them to be affordable enough that you can replace as often as needed without the price point being an issue. 


Benefits of Room Diffusers


Safer and more practical than candles 

Although candles can be a great alternative to diffusers they do need you to be present when they are burning as well as having a much shorter lifespan. A fragrance diffuser is safe (be careful not to spill them), neat, and contains no fumes or  smoke. While incense sticks are mild and simple for use, they do make smoke, which may not be suitable for people with allergies, asthma, and other breathing issues.


Diffusers are an economical way of fragrancing your environment as they last for many months, depending upon the warmth of the room they are in. The globe is going green and our homes need not be an exception. A fragrance diffuser doesn’t use electricity or batteries, making it reusable and environmentally-friendly. The reeds used to diffuse the aroma may last a long time without requiring changes. These will make an eco-friendly alternative.

Different Fragrance Options

Different moods or ambiance can be chosen for every room in the home to enhance what that room is used for. Alternatively finding a fragrance that is your unique signature around your house can stamp your character on your home as a whole.   Either of these concepts can be the same for your office, once the pandemic lets us back to work

Use as you choose

If you ever want to take a break from a particular fragrance or are away for a period of time or like to swop diffusers in and out, simply put the lid back on and put away until you are ready to use it again.


What are the best room diffusers?

The best diffusers should uplift or soothe your emotions on a subtle level, but should not be a constant conscious aroma, overpowering the senses.  Fragrance is incredibly personal and beyond keeping it subtle there are no right or wrongs.  Choose what makes you feel good, the aromas that bring back good memories or that you would love to be the backdrop to memories yet to be made. Indulge yourself in your own individuality, experiment, enjoy! 

How can I make my room diffuser work better?

If you will like a strong fragrance, you need to add all the reeds and flip them more often. The more reeds you use, the further channels the fragrance has to be dispersed through. By flipping the reeds, the oil will give you a fresh fragrance. Remember that when you flip your reeds do it safely over a sink or old towel in case the oil drips. Flipping your reeds more frequently will make the oil run out faster but will give you a short lived stronger fragrance.


Using your room diffuser safely

Be sure that you keep the reed diffuser on a coaster or mat so there’s no risk of oil damaging any furniture and fabrics. Keep out of reach of children and pets as if the liquid spills it can damage the surface it is on.  If any of the liquid gets on the skin wash with soap and water immediately.  

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