Every year at The Somerset Toiletry Company, the team select a charity to support. This year the vote went to the Happily Ever After Dog and Cat Rescue & Sanctuary (HEA). A local not-for-profit, who dedicate all of their time and money to helping animals in need.

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For the love of Lily

The small outfit is close to our hearts in Somerset, as Sakina’s four-legged friend Lily (below) was rescued from the streets of Romania. Thanks to HEA, little Lily now spends her days shadowing the boss and protecting our office from stranger danger!

The HEA Team

A lovely lady called Cerian runs the rescue center from her family home on the outskirts of Bristol, in the South West of England. The Happily Ever After Dog and Cat Rescue & Sanctuary relies purely on the kindness and support of friends, family and generous donations. The animals who are capable are rehomed and those who are too damaged can live their best life at the sanctuary.

Adopt Don’t Shop

There are so many gorgeous creatures looking for their forever home at HEA. If you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting from a rescue center, such as Happily Ever After. The process is easy and for a small donation, you could provide a safe haven whilst helping other animals.


Organised events are the main source of funding for HEA which includes regular Dog Shows, Barn Dances, and Car Boot Sales. Every penny raised goes towards the cost of food and on-going veterinary bills. Along with sponsoring a recent Dog Show, our little stall helped to raise some vital funds for this amazing cause. Not surprisingly, our dog-shaped soap was the main attraction!

Sponsored Walk

Our main fundraising event this year will be a sponsored walk taking place in September, in Somerset. The Somerset Toiletry Company team will be completing a 20-mile walk to celebrate our 20th anniversary whilst raising money for this fantastic cause.

How can you help?

If you would like to get involved and support this incredible animal rescue center, please get in touch. You can follow Cerian and her amazing work on Facebook and Instagram. Finally, if you have any bright ideas on how we can maximize our fundraising efforts this year, please let us know!

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