Back in August 2019 we started to think about how we could create a new sustainable soap collection with minimal impact on the environment. Using trusted partners, our existing products are made all over the world, but we were keen to reduce our carbon footprint and develop soap here on our doorstep. A huge step in a sustainable direction, we’re thrilled we’re now able to produce soap in Somerset and over time switch all branded soap production to our new facility down the road, in Hallatrow. 


To enable us to produce luxury soap bars here in Somerset, we first needed to find a suitable location for production and secondly invest in the correct machinery. Following thorough research and a trip to Europe, we found the perfect bit of kit – a reconditioned 1968 Mazzoni soap machine. Typically, Covid delayed the delivery, but in June 2020 it finally arrived, in multiple parts on two huge lorries. It was certainly nail biting stuff watching it being unloaded via cranes for assembly in the warehouse!


Not only was it important where Ministry of Soap was made, we wanted to ensure the ingredients were both great quality and eco-friendly. Working closely with our suppliers we selected ‘segregated palm oil’ certified by The Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) as one of our key ingredients. Therefore, the palm oil used in Ministry of Soap is 100% traceable from only two locations (in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea) where there is no threat to endangered species such as orangutans, tigers and rhinos. Although there is much controversy around palm, we strongly agree with many leading conservationists and NGO’s that boycotting palm is not the answer. Using alternatives simply exacerbates the problem, for example Soy requires 10 times the amount of land to produce. 



To ensure our soaps meet all the standards set by The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we underwent rigorous training as a team to clarify processes required to maintain our certification and display the RSPO logo on our packaging. We are a proud RSPO member and fully support their efforts to promote the use of sustainably sourced palm oil. Check out our progress at

sustainble soap

Explore the diverse range of beautiful designs and fragrances, with simple packaging, using only paper wrappers or fabric which can be easily recycled. The soaps themselves contain no nasties, are naturally coloured (as contain no dye) and are scented with quality fragrance or essential oils. Please take a look a the collection and let us know what you think! 

It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re so proud to now be producing soap here in Somerset. We’ve up-skilled existing team members and added new job roles to support this new chapter of our business. Thank you for following our journey so far, but please stay tuned as there’s so much more to come!

The Somerset Toiletry Company was founded in 1999 and has been developing beautiful body care and gifts ever since. Please read our about us page to find out more, or explore all our scented toiletries, home fragrances and more on our website.

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