We are very proud to be a cruelty free brand. Discover our love for animals and why we do not sell in to China.


Animal Testing in the UK


Did you know the UK government banned animal testing on cosmetics in the late 1990’s, following a voluntary industry initiative? European legislation then followed suit in 2004. Therefore, it has been illegal to test beauty products or ingredients on animals anywhere in Europe for some time now. We are proud to say we have always been 100% cruelty free at The Somerset Toiletry Co.


Animal Testing in China


Despite advances in Europe, it can be a very different story in other places in the world. For example, in China it is a government requirement that companies pay to have toiletries tested on animals before they can enter the market. As a result, we do not sell our products in China and despite driving international sales, we will not do so until the laws change. Unfortunately, some other brands do not share our view and claim to be cruelty free, when in fact they are far from it!


Animal Testing Alternatives


Thankfully the movement away from animal testing has driven a requirement for new techniques to safety-test products, prior to human use. These more reliable, complex tests involve advanced scientific techniques, computer-modelling and human volunteers. Despite developments, this is a long and costly process which will take some time before it becomes common practice globally.



The Somerset Toiletry Co Testing   


As part of our New Product Development process, our products go through a range of microbiological, stability and compatibility testing with our chemists.  Finally, they are used by people in our office to ensure they smell, feel and behave as they should, particularly that body care is gentle to skin. No animals are used, simply a group of curious and excited people.


Our Love for Animals


It’s clear to see we adore animals here at The Somerset Toiletry Co. Chairman, Sakina is accompanied most days in the office, by her rescue dogs little Lily and big Betty. Team member dog-sitting duties are also taken very seriously, so we enjoy regular visits from adorable pets such as Boston Terrier, Olive. However, our most recent visit was from Cybil (the ex-battery chicken), as she was a little under the weather and needed some additional TLC.


If you love animals as much as we do, we’d suggest doing your research when it comes to purchasing bath and body products. Ensuring the brand in question doesn’t sell into China as if they do, they ARE NOT cruelty free!






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