The past year has taught every one of us the importance of health and wellness. Let’s move forward in 2021 with health and fitness a priority and look at the most popular wellness trends for 2021! 

Self-care is self-love

Wellness within the beauty industry has gained even more importance during this pandemic. Many people are discarding products that they were using without previously, looking for greener options. We are now more mindful of things we apply to our bodies. 

Sadly, with facials and massages being a health risk at the moment, we are investing time and consideration in our bathing regime. Try bath bombs or bath salts at home to experience a spa-like environment in your bathroom. 

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Easy to manage body care

Within beauty and wellness, another trend that will gain popularity in 2021 is simple self-care. We are de-cluttering our homes and opting for simplified skincare regimes. We are going back to basics, using products with natural ingredients. For example, shea butter not only nourishes but protects our skin. If less is more, ensure your products are of good quality. Please take a look on our website for more information about our luxurious body lotions and shower gels.

Wellness trends shea butter

Prioritising your beauty sleep

Although we were home so much more during 2020, it was not a smooth ride. The importance of sleep has ten folded and rightly so. This year make sure your planning to get 7-9 hours per night. We have all seen what sleep deprivation can do to our body and mind. Therefore, when prioritising sleep create the best environment by firstly making sure that the room temperature is suitable. Also, make it a habit of preparing for sleep while winding down with some in-bed yoga and a scented candle by the side. This way, your body will get accustomed to an aromatic smell and yoga before bedtime.

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Fitness for The Win

2020 saw us adapt our fitness routines to work around a new normal. 2021 certainly looks to start that way. Our pointers below can help keep your fitness goals on track. 

Virtual exercising 

Gyms might be closed, but that doesn’t restrict people from exercising. The virtual world is all the more real, and that extends to gyms and fitness centres. More and more people are opting for virtual sessions with their PTs and fitness classes. Keeping moving and staying fit should be a top priority for us, regardless of age or ability.

Cycling and Walking

The trend of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) might still be around, but it’s been lovely to see people going back to basics. Going for a family bike ride or even a gentle walk has been our only escape. Get out of the house and make an effort to get some fresh air each day – both your body and your mind will benefit. 

2021 wellness trends walking

Healthy Diets

Among health and wellness trends, one thing that is getting a lot more traction is healthy eating. This pandemic has taught us the importance of a balanced diet and benefits. We’ve had more time to try new recipes and search for superfoods to enhance our diet. 

Probiotics for the Gut

2021 is all about eating foods that lead to good gut bacteria. Among health trends, this one is a trend that won’t be going anywhere. After all, who in their right mind would object to good gut health? Adding asparagus, banana, garlic, onions, and yoghurt translates well to gut health. It promotes the presence of diverse bacteria in the gut, which is essential.

The year of Fermented Food

With healthy eating emerging as a wellness trend, it makes all the more sense to add fermented foods to your plates. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics. These foods include kimchi, kefir, kombucha, and miso. Add it to your plate to build the health of your gut. 

Stay Sweet without Sugars

2021 is the year to say goodbye to sugar for good. Sugar isn’t good for the body, specifically with daily consumption in massive amounts. Even artificial sweeteners can disrupt the gut microbiome. A lava cake once in a while won’t hurt, but be careful not to make it a habit. 

Lastly, if you’re hesitant to try new food with fears that the cooking spell might linger in your living space, then we come bearing the perfect solution. Have some scented candles and diffusers in handy, and you will never have to worry about lingering food smells in your house again. 

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Wellness for the Mind & Soul

If you have escaped 2020 without losing a loved one, then consider yourself truly lucky. You might haven’t realised, but that isn’t the case with many.

Actively practising gratitude

Practising gratitude is a wellness trend that all of us should live by all the time. Actively practising gratitude will make us more aware of our blessings. It will also open our eyes to the economic, social, and racial injustice that many marginalised communities go through. 

Flexible Goals

Setting flexible goals is also essential to the wellbeing of the mind. After the hectic 2020, it comes as no surprise that it is among wellness trends. A flexible goal will give you the margin to be human, as being human is to err. It will also maximise the sense of fulfilment with the achievement of small short term goals. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our top list of the wellness trends for 2021. Which one will be your topmost priority?

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