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Win a hamper of products worth £100

Win a hamper of products worth £100


In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been sprucing our self up a bit, and have just launched our brand new website. We hope you’ve had a chance to look around and like what you see. To celebrate this launch we’re giving away a big box of our delicious products to one lucky winner.

How do I enter?

All you need to do is tell us what scent reminds you of summer and why, leave us your answers in a comment on this Facebook post or tweet us on Twitter with the hashtag #SummerScent. You can also leave your comment at the bottom of this blog post.

Whether it’s freshly cut grass, luscious lavender fields or fragrant pink roses, we want to hear your summertime scents, so head over to our Facebook page and enter our competition. It really is that simple!

We’ll pick our favourite and that lucky person will receive a huge bundle of goodies from across our ranges.

If you’re after a bit of inspiration, click here to check out our ‘Summer Scents’ board over on Pinterest.

This competition closes on Sunday 14th September and the winner will be announced on Monday 15th September.

Good luck!

232 Responses to Win a hamper of products worth £100

  1. English Strawberries – reminds me of my childhood, long hot summers, hulling strawberries to serve with caster sugar and cream for pudding on Sundays

  2. Lavender and lemon are such a wonderful combination. The lavender is calming and soothing, while the lemon is energizing and uplifting. It’s amazing as lavender and lemon lemonade 🙂

  3. Oh for me it’s freshly mown grass. Along with the freshness and beauty of early morning frost telling us that summer is on it’s way, then watching it being melted by the sun warming through.

  4. The smell of a neighbour’s BBQ reminds me that it is summer. As the smokey BBQ smell drifts over the fence, it makes me realise that summer is here. Lovely.

  5. Mimosa or lemon reminds me of summer because of childhood summer holidays in France I remember visiting villages specialising in mimosa fragrances and the freshness and yellowness of lemon makes me think of sunshine

  6. The smell of Fresh strawberries – when we were kids my dad would always take us strawberry picking at a farm not to far away. we would pick loads to put in our containers and eat loads too.
    Then when we got home my mom would make jam. Summer all year round then.

  7. Sweet peas. I grew up on a farm and the lovely cottage garden had a trellis of sweet peas below my window. I will always associate their scent with lovely long summer days.

  8. It has to be the smell in the evening when you step out of the front door after a warm day just as night is falling. It has a scent all of it’s own

  9. Lavender,you walk past a bush and the smell hits you.Then you see it full of bees busy collecting the pollen.Then you know summer has arrived.

  10. My #SummerScent is the smell of freshly cut grass, accompanied by the gentle hum of the mower as I laze in the sun with a cool glass of Pimms in one hand and a good book in the other. Bliss!

  11. My favourite smell is that of freshly cut grass. Sitting in the sun in my garden whilst listening to the distant sound of a lawn mower….what could be more like summer.

  12. A bit of a weird one but hospitals. All my children were born on boiling hot summers days so the smell takes me back lol

  13. Sweet Peas my idea of heaven. My husband tried and tried to grow them then one year it clicked and now I have them to brush pass, pick and enjoy.x

  14. The one thing that really makes me think ‘Summer is here’ is when you smell the delicious smell of a BBQ coming from a house nearby.

  15. Lavender has a scent that will always please
    Attractive to butterflies, ladybirds & bees
    It is the very essence of an English summer’s day
    My favourite scent by far & away

  16. Sweet peas – I grow loads in the garden every summer. I always pick the flowers so that I can enjoy the scent in the house too.

  17. Just love the smell of the Ocean on our first trip of the year to the sea, it reminds me of childhood Summer Holidays with my parents.

  18. Don Henley ‘Boys Of Summer’ on the radio and the faint sound of the Ice Cream Van in the distance. Ahh, those were the days 🙂

  19. For me it is stepping out into the garden bare foot on the jewel like morning dew, whilst insects buzz happily around the flowers and breathing in the sweet scent of the honeysuckle; which drifts lazily in the crisp air before the bustle of the day begins.

  20. When i smell coconut i always think of hot days and the seaside.Maybe because some sun tan lotions smell of coconut but i love it.

  21. Honeysuckle, roses and pine.

    When I was young I lived with my grandmother who every year grew the sweetest honeysuckle and roses in her garden. Our house and street were very small, but surrounded by mountains and fields that were full of yellow buttercups and vibrant purple foxgloves. In the summer evenings the scent of pine would always start to grow stronger, the invigorating fragrance of the pine trees above drifting down from the mountainside.

  22. Honeysuckle, when I was a child it surrounded our garden, growing on the fences. I remember waking and going to sleep with the sweet smell wafting through the fan-light window.

  23. Vanilla – sat in the warm sun with an icecream cone, feeling relaxed. Doesnt matter what age you are its a great summer scent and memory

  24. I love the scent of freshly washed linen drying in the warm summer sun. It takes take me back to my childhood days of innocence and laughter.

  25. The smell of suntan cream! As a natural red head, my parents were forever covering me in the stuff when there was the slightest hint of the sun 🙂

  26. I love Roses in the summer. I had my first baby in June 45 years ago and will never forget
    arriving home with him to a garden absolutely full of rose perfume (he tells me he can remember but I am not so sure!)

  27. The scent of honey reminds me of childhood summers spent at my uncles farm,coming from the town, the smell of the honey bee hives seemed so very strong, now everytime I smell itI’m whisked back to long hot summer days where in my memory it never rained 🙂

  28. Honeysuckle reminds me of summer because it grows over our back door and I love walking through into the garden in lovely weather to be greeted by that wonderful fragrance.

  29. A summer day in France walking through pine woods to the beach on the Mediterranean coast and smelling the pine resin in the air…reminds me of a summer of my childhood…happy times!

  30. Sweet Peas that grow outside the back door which I regularly cut and bring them inside to keep them flowering and the scent goes on and on until autumn.

  31. The scent of honeysuckle. I’ve always adored it & think of Summer everytime I smell it. When I’m particularly missing Summer, I buy a honeysuckle scented candle and try to kid myself for a few minutes that it is absolutely gorgeous outside! 🙂 x

  32. I love the smell of Lavender. I visited Yorkshire Lavender and the smell is so lovely. I could have stayed all day and it is the most beautiful colour.

  33. Lavender, we have loads in the herb garden which is close to the house. We deliberately brush past it as the smell is wonderful

  34. This is a strange one but the smell of peat burning takes me back to summers when I was a child and my cousins and I used to be sent to stay with my aunt in the country for a couple of weeks each summer. The whole village smelt of the peat being burned in the ranges – and the bread and cakes cooked in the ranges tasted divine.

  35. Home grown ripe strawberries on a hot summers day. Reminds me of growing them at the back door when I was a young child.

  36. The smell of honey suckle reminds me of long summer evenings playing in my parents back garden, I also love the smell of the seaside, and Petrichor, that fresh smell of earth just after in rains.

  37. l don’t live by the sea, but on some summer morning a mist is in the air, before the sunshine peeps out and you can smell the salty sea air

  38. Coconut is such a summer smell because it’s in so many suntan oils. Honeysuckle reminds me of holidays spent in Kent when I was young, it always brings back such happy memories and Bluebells make me think of the start of Summer and the promise of happy times ahead. I think of all the senses scent is the one that can take you right back to a time and place.

  39. tomato plants, yes a bit strange i know haha. just reminds me of past years when i was a little girl exploring my grandads greenhouse, smelling of wonderful tomato plants & me eating the juicy tomatoes.

  40. #SummerScent. Summer scents so many too choose from like cut grass, freashly cut grass on a warm day reminds me of my Dad fighting with lawn his mower and the dogs going mental at it haha! oh the smell of Lavender in my garden reminds me of my dear Great Gran who passed away, could always smell it about her home, she told me it was a good for mind, body and soul she was funny like that 🙂 I could go on but I wont. good luck everyone

  41. The smell of honeysuckle takes me back to my childhood going out. For a long country walk on a Sunday afternoon, a nice cream and then back home for tea, happy days.

  42. The smell of Lilac always reminds me of summer. When I was a child we had two great big lilac bushes at the bottom of our garden. The smell would waft in through my open bedroom window, and even now when I smell lilac I instantly feel happy and uplifted.

  43. freesia’s – I love that gorgeous light floral scent which is so distinctive – everytime I smell it – whether it is a perfume, airfreshener or from a bouquet …. I’m transported to summer meadows, sunny days and carefree times

  44. My favourite smell is freshly cut grass. It reminds me of my carefree childhood days with my grandparents who I miss so much 🙁

  45. The smell that reminds me of summer id coconut. it reminds me of suntan lotion, all those girly holidays abroad before I settled down,

  46. It’s the smell of baby wipes. Odd choice but it reminds me of the first summer when my daughter was a baby, long hot days lying on the grass with her staring into her eyes wondering how I managed to make such a beautiful baby. Just the smell of a baby wipe takes me right back to those amazing summer feelings. She is 15 now, just as beautiful, but more likely to smell of my perfume that she pinches instead of baby wipes.

  47. For me, it’s the scent of Ambre Solaire sun cream! It reminds me of holidays to the South of France when I was a child, and brings back so many memories. My mum still uses it now – true nostalgia value!

  48. It has to be freshly mown grass. It brings back memories of rolling down hills when I was a child and then again when I had my children. I now have to watch when my grandchildren do it but they are all happy memories. How strange that something so quirky is still just as relevant today.

  49. The smell of suncream when I am getting the children ready for a day out – we are all relaxed and no need to keep to alarms or deadlines.

  50. The scent of roses in early June
    Promises the start of summer and holidays soon
    The scent of roses in late September
    Evokes the memories of a summer to remember

  51. What reminds me of summer isthe smell of grilled fish ot even fried!! It reminds me of the summer back in my home country

  52. Night Scented Stock I used to sit on the patio and smell the wonderful aroma with my partner on summer nights it has so many romantic memories for me it always makes me smile.

  53. Honeysuckle on a summers evening, especially after a rain shower, takes me back to family camping holidays, and was also my late mums favourite scent

  54. Vanilla, reminds me of my childhood when we used to make vanilla cupcakes in the summer and decorate them with freshly whipped cream and topped with strawberries.

  55. For me, summer’s scent is that hint of sun-dried grass in the hazy evening air when I walk my dog, diesel at festivals and ozone when I go paddling at my local beach.

  56. Buddleia, AKA The Butterfly Bush. I love walking past anyone’s house where this is in bloom, and too often, I cannot resist getting up close and sniffy with the flowers. To me, it’s the scent of summer, for sure 🙂

  57. grass, as it reminds me of a strange set of perfumes I once bought that were all smells of different grass which I bought in the summer.

  58. Lavender grown in my Mum’s garden, the scent really used to carry for such a long way, and Dandelion & Burdock drink, which we used to love as kids, a combination of both of those scents really takes me back!

  59. Rosemary and Lavender, we have a small corner of mum’s garden where we have planted them in memory of people and pets we have lost , and its a great place to go at the height of summer. My mood is always lifted when I go there, whether sit reading or watching the wildlife go by or share the odd glass and a natter with mum. When ever I smell lavender , wherever in the world I am it carries me home to a very happy place and some very happy times.

  60. Oranges or anything Citrus! I remember going to Spain to see my nan as a child and seeing the orange trees down her road so I always associated oranges with hot weather, even now I always think of summer and my nan when I smell them 🙂

  61. The smell of strawberries and cream remind me of summer because as a child my mum always used to make Sunday tea, and in the summer we always had homemade flan with strawberries and cream on them x

  62. Night flowering jasmine. It grows under our bedroom window, and we have the windows open all summer when it’s flowering. I think that scent will always remind me of summer now.

  63. Royal jelly hand soap. When I was a young girl for a week in the summer, I always used to go away with my Nan and Grandad up to the ribble valley, and stay in their caravan. It was a small site, with not much to do, but we always had so much fun. Nan, for as long as I could remember used that soap, but it always reminded me of summer, and still does, because I always went away with them the first week of the summer holidays. Such a wonderful memory 🙂 xx

  64. Fresh warm strawberries. In between my CSE exams at school, we were free to do as we liked and I went strawberry picking to earn some cash. I loved it.

  65. Potatoes for me, sounds odd, but I grow my own, and but When Im cooking at them at home, it reminds me that it won’t be long until I can dig up my own home made produce.

  66. BBQ smoke and freshly cut grass..
    Takes me back to the days of making daisy chains outside my grans garden gate – when they were getting ready for the family to arrive. 🙂

  67. Freshly cut grass is a summers day to me. A summers night is night stocks which are lovely later on when sat out with a class of something and good company.

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